DEMO2024: Inherit, Yield, Regenerate

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Client: NEW INC (New Museum)
Curator: Celine Wong Katzman
Producer: Cody Moy

Location: WSA

Photo Credit: Dario Lasagni

My role: End-to-end project management, artist project realization, budget & production schedule management

The exhibition was a part of DEMO2024, a multi-day festival by NEW INC for people at the leading edge of art, culture, and technology.

Inherit, Yield, Regenerate brings together the work of seven artists and collectives who have been in community for the past nine months as members in NEW INC’s Year 10 Creative Science track. 

The artists, Chando Ao, Craftwork, MORAKANA, OUTOFSEAM, Martha Poggioli, Tao Leigh Goffe, and Iz Nettere utilize natural and synthetic fibers, fungi, plant matter, malleable surgical grade plastics, electromagnetic waves, and various states of material transformation to push the boundaries of how science shows up in our day-to-day lives.

Learn more about the exhibition here.
Read the New York Times coverage of the show here.

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