Tech Fancy Live

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Client: Newlab
Executive & Creative Producer: Cody Moy

Photo credit: Cody Moy, Adriana Gallo, Annie Forrest, Stephanie Hemshrot, James Chororos

My role: Curation & programming, end-to-end event production, budget creation & management

Each month, Newlab released Tech Fancy, a print and digital zine celebrating its members working in specific disciplines in tech. Alongside the zines, Newlab hosted a launch party inspired by each month’s theme. 

Themes included:

  • The Cloud - inspired by vaporware and the 80s. Ft. pizza bagels by Black Seed, a junk food tablescape, frozen margaritas, NES game station, and custom non-tobacco vapes 

  • Future of Food - inspired by gluttonous Roman feasts. Ft. large-batched negronis, a whole pig roast by Ends Meat and abounty of fruit tablescape

  • Space Off - inspired by retro-space aesthetics  and psychedelics. Ft. glowing green absinthe cocktails and a silver wormhole with a screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey 

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